CFA Society Boston Sponsorship Policy


CFA Society Boston values financial support from reputable corporations to further the organization’s mission to promote the highest ethical standards, best practices and professional development within the investment industry to educate and build trust in the community it serves.

Financial support from sponsors allows the organization to engage in mission-focused programs and activities that could not otherwise be pursued. The following guidelines have been established to ensure that all of CFA Society Boston’s sponsorship arrangements advance CFA Society Boston’s mission and strategic goals, serve the best interests of the organization, retain CFA Society Boston’s independence, and avoid conflicts of interest.

Consistency with CFA Society Boston Mission

CFA Society Boston will not partner with businesses for sponsorships if the business or products sold are inconsistent with CFA Society Boston’s mission.  This includes, but is not limited to, organizations within the tobacco, drugs or alcohol industry.  

Review and Approval

Any proposed new sponsorship must be reviewed and approved by the CEO to ensure that the arrangements are consistent with CFA Society Boston’s mission and goals, and that any potential conflicts of interest are disclosed and addressed in accordance with CFA Society Boston’s conflict of interest policy. The CEO may request support from the Board of Directors in the review and approval process if it is deemed necessary.

No Endorsement

CFA Society Boston does not endorse its sponsors, their policies, products, or services, nor imply that CFA Society Boston will exert any influence to advance the corporation’s interests outside the particulars of the arrangements made for the sponsored event or activity. Sponsors may not use the CFA Society Boston name, logo and/or identifying information in a manner by the corporate sponsor that would express or imply CFA Society Boston’s endorsement of the corporation or its products, services or policies.

Written Agreement

The terms, conditions, and purposes of the financial support will be documented by a signed agreement between the sponsor and CFA Society Boston. Completed sponsor forms serve as the agreement with CFA Society Boston.

No Free Advertising or Return Benefit

Sponsors are making a contribution to support CFA Society Boston specific events or the society’s mission and are entitled to the benefits outlined in the specific sponsor agreement. Sponsors are not entitled to receive free advertising (as that term is defined by the Internal Revenue Code [IRC] or Internal Revenue Service [IRS] rules and regulations) or other substantial return benefits from CFA Society Boston. 

Special Events/Programs

CFA Society Boston will have complete control of the content and speakers at any sponsored activity or event. Sponsors will not control the planning, content, or execution of the activity or attempt to direct or influence the content of CFA Society Boston programs, except that CFA Society Boston may ask the sponsor for suggestions to enhance the experience for the sponsor.


CFA Society Boston reserves the right to terminate any sponsorship if the sponsor or its representatives or agents engage in any conduct that would lead CFA Society Boston to reasonably determine that its continued participation in the arrangement with a particular company would adversely affect the goodwill and reputation of the CFA Society Boston or its members. In the event of any such termination, CFA Society Boston will relinquish the sponsor's contribution and return all unused funds.