Opportunities for Engagement

Education and Programs Advisory Board
The Programs and Education Advisory Council is a standing body that identifies relevant content, current trends, topics and learning opportunities within the industry for the benefit of members, candidates and local investment professionals. These delivery mechanisms include, but are not limited to, conferences, webinars, programs, courses, and events. Advisory Council members express ideas and provides input for high impact programming at CFA Society Boston. The Advisory Council Nominating Committee collects and vets the slate of candidates for consideration each year.

Membership Outreach Committee
Formed in 2010, the CFA Society Boston Membership Committee focuses on recruitment, retention and engagement of members and corporate outreach. The committee leverages surveys and focus group data to inform the value proposition for CFA Society Boston members. Current initiatives include skills seminars, career services programming and networking events, along with employer outreach meetings to continue collecting information from members and firms on the value of their local CFA Society Boston membership.

Financial Literacy Initiative
CFA Society Boston’s Financial Literacy Initiative is a community outreach program designed to consolidate valuable financial literacy content and make it widely available as a resource to the general investing public. We strike alliances with non-profit groups, leveraging their reach to access a wide variety of audiences. Since its inception in 2014, the initiative has grown year-over-year in member engagement, active non-profit alliances, and number of lives touched.

More than 100 CFA Society Boston members volunteer to develop, market, and distribute educational modules to improve financial literacy. The initiative is topic-driven and targets people of all ages and backgrounds. The program addresses issues such as Personal Finance, Basics of Investing, Retirement, Bonds vs. Equities, Choosing a Bank, and more.

Volunteer leaders cultivate relationships with non-profit alliances, help determine the financial literacy needs of the alliance's constituents, direct content development teams, and schedules presentations. This structure helps to delegate efforts across our volunteer base and keep the initiative scalable.

Board of Directors
Each year, in accordance with its by-laws, CFA Society Boston members elect new officers and directors to serve on the CFA Society Boston Board of Directors. Any Regular Member of the Society can be nominated for a Board position. Multiple nominations of qualified colleagues are allowed and members may self-nominate.

The CFA Society Boston Nominating Committee collects and vets the slate of candidates for consideration and presents it to the full membership for a vote at the Annual Meeting each June. Striving to build a talented slate of individuals with diverse experience, the Nominating Committee thoroughly assesses candidates' backgrounds, professional experience and volunteer participation – both at CFA Society Boston and in other roles.

Member Communities
We understand the importance of networking with colleagues and peers. Our Member Communities platform is an online resource for members to communicate with others and manage shared content. Member Communities allow participants to connect with like-minded colleagues through collaborative, interactive education and networking opportunities. Individuals can also identify speakers and promote professional development at Meet-Ups in informal settings. This platform is also ideal for sharing resources specific to each Community's topic.

In addition to following Member Communities, members can volunteer to act as an Ambassador for a particular community. Ambassadors act as leaders and gatekeepers of the Communities. They are community members who are passionate about collaborating, using technology, and maintaining and promoting community information. Ambassadors are also familiar with the organization’s strategic plan and the role communities play within it.

Ad Hoc Engagement
There will be opportunities throughout the year for volunteers and we will send periodic “Calls for Volunteers” to members who have expressed interest.

If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email to: info@cfaboston.org.