Dear Member;

I’m excited to share with you an important new development for our organization. At its November 3, 2016 meeting, the BSAS Board of Directors unanimously voted to change the name of The Boston Security Analysts Society, Inc. to CFA Society Boston, Inc., effective January 1, 2017. Your Board strongly believes that this change is in the best interests of the BSAS membership and confers substantial benefits to both our organization and the investment management profession globally. These include:

  • A more accurate description of our organization, whose members represent multiple disciplines in the investment management industry.
  • Greater local and global brand awareness of our organization.
  • Better alignment with a global community of investment professionals.
  • A clearer identity that provides a stronger and more consistent voice globally for an effective investment management profession.
  • Enhanced outreach capabilities.

The Board made this decision after extensive analysis, discussion and consultation. A significant majority of respondents to the recently circulated member survey favored a name change, with less than one third of one percent of the total membership registering an objection. We appreciate the time members took to comment on this topic. A membership vote on this matter is not required, and the Board’s decision was made in compliance with the policies and procedures outlined in the BSAS’s bylaws.

The number of CFA charterholders around the world continues to grow, and CFA Institute is dedicated to supporting local societies. The Board’s decision does not change in any way the relationship between our society and CFA Institute. Rather, it strengthens our ability to promote the standards and practices associated with the charter around the world. For further information about this rebranding initiative, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. And please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Jeanne Wolf, or me, if you have any questions. Thank you for your support of our organization and our profession.

Sincerely yours,

George R. Hoguet, CFA
Chair, CFA Boston Board of Directors