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Join CFA Society Boston as we partner with Trillium Asset Management, the oldest independent investment advisor dedicated exclusively to sustainable and responsible investing, to bring you the first event that complements and expands on the Society’s annual full-day Sustainable Investing conference. Our goal is that CFA Society Boston’s sustainable investing initiatives will enable us to become a leading voice for innovation and best practices in this rapidly growing investment management sector. Our events – designed to help mainstream professionals navigate the explosion of approaches and increased client demand – bring together thought leaders, practitioners, and asset owners to provide practical advice and share experience-based examples and insights.


Boston: a Regional Case Study of Coastal Climate Change
Investment Risks and Opportunities

Over half of all Americans – 164 million – live in coastal regions. They contribute to the 58% of US GDP generated in those regions. With increased flooding, more intense storms and extreme temperatures, climate change impacts are already real in those regions. As a consequence, the attendant investment risks and investment opportunities are intensifying. To address these risks and opportunities, we’ve convened a luncheon panel of experts on Wednesday, January 17.

With a focus on Boston and deep expertise both locally and beyond, the conversation will define the foremost climate related sea-level rise, heat, and health problems faced by Boston and the northeast region - and shared by all coastal cities. A broad range of solutions will be presented and discussed, with a focus on specific initiatives by the city, state, architectural community, and a climate-solutions mutual fund. Our panel conversation will offer investment professionals the necessary context and a starting point for assessing investment risks and opportunities in their own portfolios.

Moderated by Jack Robinson of Trillium Asset Management, the panel includes Bud Ris, the Climate advisor for Boston Green Ribbon Commission; Katie Theoharides, the Secretary of Climate Change for Massachusetts; Ellen Watts, President and co-founder of Architerra, an architectural firm dedicated to climate action through design excellence; and Lucas White, the lead portfolio manager for the GMO Climate Change Investment Strategy.


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Since 2013, CFA Society Boston's Sustainable Investing Initiative has been highlighted each year with our Sustainable Investing seminar. This annual seminar has become a leading venue for exposure to innovation and best practices in this rapidly growing area of investment management.

Sustainable Investing is accelerating at a pace few would have anticipated when our first seminar made its debut in 2013. The language, tools, and practices of sustainable investing are increasingly being applied throughout traditional investment environments. At the same time, a large and increasing variety of sustainable investment-focused offerings and products have become available to investors.

Designed to help mainstream professionals navigate the explosion of approaches and increased client demand, this yearly event is designed to bring together thought leaders, practitioners, and asset owners to provide practical advice and share experience-based examples and insights. We present large themes and connect those themes to professional practice – like Bob Litterman’s in-depth presentation of climate change as a risk management challenge and a panel on incorporating climate change into portfolio management and construction. We selectively include emerging areas of practice – from green bonds to fiduciary duty. And most importantly, our attendees participate in a conversation including both asset owners and expert practitioners.

The event’s success – as reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback and growth to over 150 attendees – has enabled us to attract an array of outstanding speakers and a diverse audience. It has extended our reach into the large potential audience of over 5,700 CFA Society Boston members and the wider regional investment community.

Mainstreaming Sustainable Investing is our goal and our overarching theme, in addition to being the event’s tagline. Mainstream investment professionals are our target audience, and we have been successful at attracting a wide range of attendees. The attendees serve a range of clients from high net worth individuals and family offices through large institutional investors. They work for small firms and global asset managers. Even with the growth we’ve experienced, the organization and structure of the annual Sustainable Investing seminar consciously maintains the feel of a smaller forum that encourages conversation between speakers and attendees. At the same time, the diversity of the participants has been frequently cited as providing unique learning and networking opportunities.

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