CFA Society Boston is excited to announce the new Mentor Match program! Our new program is designed to connect less-experienced CFA Society Boston members with seasoned industry professionals. The Mentor match Program leverages the vast experience of our membership to promote skills development, leadership, and professional growth through the exchange of ideas and sharing of information between the Mentor and Mentee. Our new online networking and career development tool allows mentees and mentors to connect based on shared criteria. This system is easy to navigate and provides participants with the tools needed to cultivate a meaningful and productive mentor relationship. 

With terrific energy and forward momentum, the committee is entreating motivated and conscientious participants to apply to this year's Mentor Match Program!


“I’d been involved in many mentor programs in the past – things through college or previous jobs – and you always encounter people who are very like-minded. This program was a chance to get someone that is unbiased and doesn’t really know your situation. You get the ability to explain that to them, and get somebody that’s not thinking in the same way you are, about your opportunities, about where you are now, and how to get where you want to go.”
 – Todd Mulligan,  Past Mentee Participant

“I am really grateful that I was selected for this program and feel very lucky to have been matched up with my Mentor. I started the program with the intention of broadening my network and finding an industry veteran who could help me transition into a new role. [He] was ready and willing to do so and we started talking about career strategies right away. Working with him has been a wonderful experience and I hope that I am able to remain his unofficial mentee when the program wraps up.”                         
- Past Mentee Participant
“If I can be a mentor to someone, I know that it’s an advantage in the long run. My mentee was so eager to learn and so eager to participate it was it was really a perfect match. I couldn’t be more pleased.”                         
- Jack Abbott, CFA, Past Mentor Participant


  • NEW this program currently runs on an open enrollment. Enrolling can be done in 4 simple steps. Mentors and Mentees enroll online here
  • In the future we anticipate this opportunity forming two 6-month cohorts, January - June and July - December.
  • Complete details of the program are available in the CFA Society Boston members only platform connect.  


Eligibility is restricted to CFA Boston members.


  • Mentors and Mentees commit to participate through the course of the program year (cohorts typically run from January through July and July through December).

  • Mentors and Mentees are required to sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

  • Mentors are expected to allot 1-2 hours per month to meet with their Mentees (at the discretion of each participant).

  • Mentees are responsible for making initial contact (responsibility for scheduling future meetings should be agreed upon by both participants).

  • Complete Mentor Guide is available online here.

  • Complete Mentee Guide is available online here.


  • 10+ years of industry experience (CFA Charterholder preferred)

As a Mentor you can:

  • Give back -- share your experiences with someone eager to learn and grow as an industry professional
  • Build & develop leadership skills as well as your professional network


  • Fewer than 9 years of industry experience
  • CFA Charter not required
As a Mentee you will:
  • Gain insight and guidance from an experienced professional
  • Build upon your professional network
  • Meet not only your mentor, but network with other mentees in the program

For Mentorship Program questions, please contact CFA Society Boston