Bylaws Amendment Notification

On April 7, 2022, the CFA Society Boston Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion to amend the following sections of the Bylaws:

Article II, Section 8: amended to clarify that 1) students enrolled in the CFA program are not eligible for Student membership and must apply for Candidate, Affiliate or Regular membership and 2) that there are two forms of application available for Student membership: the standard student members application and the CFA Society Boston University College Partner Program application
Article II, Section 9: amended to define the CFA Society Boston University College Partner program as an eligible sponsor for Student members and to streamline the Student member renewal process with a renewal application rather than reapplying for membership each year
Article II, Section 12: amended to remove the requirement of the Board of Directors to vote to approve Regular or Affiliate members who have met all qualifications and have been vetted by CFA Institute
Article IV, Section 1: amended to alter the composition of the Board of Directors from three immediate past Chairpersons to the immediate past Chairperson and to change the number of Directors on the Board from nine (9) to a range of seven to nine (7-9)
Article IV, Section 2: amended to shorten the term of the Past Chairperson from 3-years to 1-year and to reflect the change in number of Directors from three (3) to up to three (3) 


These changes to the bylaws streamline the membership and renewal processes for Regular, Affiliate and Student members, all while adhering to membership requirements as defined in the society bylaws. These changes also allow the Nominations Committee to be more strategic in identifying candidates to serve on the Board of Directors. To see the bylaws with redlined changes click here . To see the approved bylaws with the summary of changes click here .  


We thank you for your continued trust and support of the CFA Society Boston Board of Directors.