Bylaws Amendment Notification

On January 13, 2022, the CFA Society Boston Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion to amend the following sections of the Society Bylaws:

  • Article V, Section 3: amended to clarify the delegation of authority.

  • Article V, Section 11: remove Finance Committee and Audit Committee as standing committees (see amendment to Article IV, Section 1 addition of Investment and Audit Committee)

  • Article XII: addition of the existing Investment and Audit Committee and the Committee’s charter

  • Article XII: addition of parliamentary authority

These changes to the bylaws provide more clarification on the delegation of authority and better accurately reflects the operations of the society including the role of the Investment and Audit Committee and the Board’s use of parliamentary authority. To download a redlined version of the society’s Bylaws click here . To see the approved bylaws with the summary of changes click here


We thank you for your continued trust and support of the CFA Society Boston Board of Directors.