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CFA Society Boston’s Fin Tech Meet Up
Alpha from Overhead – Spaceborne Insights Come of Age

BOSTON – September 27, 2017 – CFA Society Boston will hold a free Meet Up today from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. at Metro Meeting Centers in Boston. The member-only Meet Up will focus the new wave of spaceborne intelligence that has begun to make its way into the hands of leading investors.

David Potere, today’s guest speaker, is co-founder and CEO of TellusLabs, a Boston-based startup that combines decades of satellite imagery with a machine learning platform to answer critical, time-sensitive economic and environmental questions. “This content goes beyond counting cars in Walmart parking lots to get ahead of 10-K filings,” said Potere, “Thanks to smartphones, there are perhaps better ways to do that.”

Today’s new space insights are different in kind. Armed with modern distributed compute and machine learning platforms, teams are using decades of open, science-grade satellite data to tackle continental-scale questions in agriculture, forestry, water resources, and energy and urban-industrial systems. This session will look at some of the forces that make these new insights possible, probe the strengths and limitations of the new models, and discuss what this means for global commodities markets.

Potere co-founded Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) global data science practice. At TellusLabs, he is combining his love of satellite remote sensing with nearly a decade of practical experience addressing the geospatial and data-driven questions of the Fortune 500. Prior to BCG, David served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy. He received an AB from Harvard College, an MA in satellite remote sensing from Boston University, and a PhD in geo-demography from Princeton.

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