Sustainable Investing Videos

CFA Society Boston's Sustainable Investing initiative is designed to help mainstream professionals navigate the variety of approaches to meeting clients' sustainable investing demands. Our annual seminar and ongoing programs bring together thought leaders, practitioners, and asset owners to provide practical advice and share experience-based examples and insights. By presenting large themes and connecting those themes to professional practice, we enlighten investment managers on emerging areas of practice – from green bonds to fiduciary duty. And most importantly, we strive to incorporate conversations including both asset owners and expert practitioners.

See below for highlights from our 2018 seminar, including interviews with industry leaders on key topics and emerging trends.

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“…the integration of ESG, of risk adjusted returns…it’s kind of common sense ... it’s just proper risk management.”

- Mark McDivitt, Managing Director — Head of ESG Solutions, State Street Global Exchange

Conference Sessions

CFA Society Boston's Sustainable Investing Initiative is highlighted each year through our Sustainable Investing Seminar. This annual seminar has become a leading venue for investment professionals to learn from industry colleagues and other experts within the rapidly growing field of sustainable investing.

Mainstreaming Sustainable Investing

Race of our Lives Revisited

Gender Diversity in the Investment Management Industry

Materiality and Evidence for Sustainable Investing

Leveraging Capital

Data Privacy and Cyber Security

Impact Investing Paradigm Shift

Adapt or Die: The Future of the Electric Utilities Industry

“It’s our duty as charterholders to think carefully about risk and ESG issues and how they affect underlying investments.”

- Andrew Wetzel, CFA Society of Boston Committee Member, F.L. Putnam


For charterholders who are new to sustainable investing or those deeply entrenched in its practice, rapid growth and ambiguous terminology contribute to growing confusion within the marketplace. The videos below cover trends, definitions and industry leader guidance to promote best practices and help educate charterholders and other investment professionals.

Current Trends in ESG investing

How important is it to take this seriously?

Standard working definition of sustainable investing

Advice for Charterholders about ESG investing

Industry Expert Spotlight: Jeremy Grantham

Industry Expert Spotlight: Andrew Wetzel, CFA

Industry Expert Spotlight: Mark McDivitt

Industry Expert Spotlight: Jackie VanderBrug

Industry Expert Spotlight: David Post, CFA

Industry Expert Spotlight: Liqian Ma