State of the Art Part II

September 8-9, 2019

MIT-Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA

JOIM Conference Series 

The JOIM Conference Series showcases high quality presentations and a platform for interactive discussions of current topics in the investment management arena. Prevalent throughout both activities is the highest quality material suitable for academics and practitioners.

September 8-10, 2019
MIT Campus, Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA
Retirement Investing: The State of the Art Part II


This conference explores some of the policy considerations currently being discussed and the implications to investment management strategy. Leading experts from both academia and the profession will provide insights on the issues. This event is co-sponsored with the MIT Sloan Finance Group and MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy.

Robert Merton, MIT Sloan School of Management, Keynote Speaker

Zvi Bodie, Bodie Associates Facts and Fallacies about Investing for Retirement

Sanjiv Das and Dan Ostrov, Santa Clara University
Goals-Based Wealth Management with Multiple Goals

Deborah Lucas, MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy

Arun Muralidhar, Mcube Investment Technologies
Retire In-Home: A New Way to Use a Home to Guarantee Retirement Income

Hayne Leland, A&P Capital, LLC
Towards Replacing the Defined Benefit Plan: Assure Retirement Income Provided by the Liquid Investment Fund

Jonathan Parker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Antoinette Schoar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Belief Disagreement and Portfolio Choice


Panel Discussion
  • Deborah Lucas, MIT Golub Center for Finance and Polic
  • John O’Brien, A&P Capital, LLC
  • Robert Pozen, MIT Sloan School of Management