Sonal Mahida

Sonal Mahida, Senior Consultant, U. S. Strategic Projects, joined the PRI in February 2014 with over 10 years of experience in responsible investment. During her career she has worked on ESG from institutional investor, non-profit, and corporate issuer perspectives. Her experience includes shareholder engagement, developing proxy voting guidelines, proxy voting analysis, ESG integration, and leading a corporate transparency initiative in the US. Prior to PRI, Sonal was part of the corporate sustainability reporting team at Hess, a U.S. oil and gas company. As Vice President of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), she managed the organization’s U.S. operations. Before joining CDP in 2008, Sonal was a Senior Governance Analyst at TIAA-CREF, where she led ESG dialogues and engagements with portfolio companies, and undertook internal proxy voting analysis. She holds an M.B.A. from Boston University's School of Management and a B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University.